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Stunning creations by Suzanne Kalan
May 13, 2017, 4:16 pm

A jewellery designer by accident, Suzanne Kalan stunning collections have received international applause for their innovative use of baguette diamonds. Suzanne was in Kuwait recently to participate in Jewellry Arabia exhibition and took time off to speak to The Times in an exclusive interview

“I wanted to do something unique by making my jewellery look different,” she says adding that she came up with a concept of innovative use of baguette diamonds with scattered settings. She also developed the Vitrine concept which means showcase in French. Custom cutting gemstones flat on top and bottom to reveal a classic diamond panel behind the stone.

Suzanne hails from a background in jewellery with almost her entire family in the jewellery trade. Having spent 4 years of her early childhood in Kuwait, Suzanne moved to Canada and then eventually settled in Los Angeles.

Even though her entry into jewellery design was by accident she has almost 29 years of experience behind her having evolved from fashion to fine jewellry and making a mark in the trade. Her collections are now sold all over the world and gaining popularity in the Gulf for their unique and exclusive designs.

“The Gulf region is a very strong market and the Arab woman knows how to wear, enjoys wearing and knows the value of diamonds,” Suzanne points out. Stores in Dubai, Jeddah, Qatar and Kuwait sell her brand and she is in talks to give dealership to a Kuwaiti based outlet as well.

Besides an evident love of color and large scale in her jewelry, Suzanne Kalan’s designs are infused by a seesawing duality between symmetry and asymmetry, beautifully manifested in every piece and design.

Suzanne Kalan has become a favourite amongst A-list names and her jewelry has garnered the admiration of celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kate Beckinsale, and hence, has become a regular on many’s wish list.

Being tasteful and artistic the price range is just as vast. A few thousand dollars to almost $60,000 for her top end collections, her designs have been a huge attraction at the exhibition.

The collections are available worldwide at Harronds, Moda Operandi, Neiman Marcus and various other exclusive jewellery outlets.





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