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Study shows Kuwaitis are highest sufferers of chronic pain and medical conditions
October 11, 2015, 12:12 pm

As part of its commitment in undertaking research to benefit the health and wellness of the Kuwaiti community, Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) conducted a study over two years which aims to highlight health concerns in Kuwait and ensure the clinic is providing highly specialized and tailored therapy.

The study conducted by an FSRI physiotherapist found that Kuwaitis reported higher incidences of pain and medical related conditions that those of other nationalities. Specifically, Kuwaiti women reported the highest incidence of chronic pain. The report, which was published in an international medical journal, analyzed data collected and collated from 2,013 FSRI patients, of different gender, age, and nationality.

Dr. Elham Al-Hamdan, President & Medical Director of FSRI, and one of the authors of the study commented: “Research on chronic pain is still in its early stages in the Gulf region. At Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute, we place great emphasis on undertaking research that benefits the quality of life of the community in which we operate. Our research on pain highlights the importance of this issue and specifically showcases how the potential relationship of gender and cultural roles contribute to medical and chronic pain conditions.  These symptoms are all possibly attributed to the cultural lifestyle we have adopted in this region, and it is becoming more and more important to take note of this.”

The study, co-authored by Dr. Elham Al-Hamdan  and physiotherapist Maureen Deeny, also reported that Kuwaiti women took more medication and injections to alleviate chronic pain and were more likely to suffer from arthritis, cardiac issues, diabetes and asthma, and undergo an increased number of surgeries. Beyond the routine admission of medical subscription for chronic pain, coping strategies is what will benefit individuals in the long term. Exercise, in particular, is vital in managing pain; it leads to the production of endorphins -the body’s natural internal pain relieving substances, as well as in strengthening muscles, reducing flare-ups, promoting relaxation and reducing stress, anxiety and depression.      

“At FSRI, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality compassionate care, while undertaking a multitude of initiatives, such as offering free online Pilates classes, that work towards improving the lives of people in the country. One key component of that is research. We feel that research that relates specifically to Kuwait and the region is limited, and any new findings we uncover may go a long way towards improving the medical services in the country. This report is an important stepping stone in the development of strategies geared towards preventing and managing chronic pain, especially amongst Kuwaiti women,” added Dr. Elham.

The introduction of free online Pilates classes at FSRI, targeting lower back pain, is a way to encourage individuals to exercise as a preventative measure for such issues, and for the management of individuals suffering with chronic pain. Six week Pilates classes are also run at FSRI by highly specialized physiotherapists, separate classes are available for women and men. 

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