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Study launched to hike expats healthcare fees to KD 5 – KD 10
July 22, 2017, 2:32 pm

Regarding the increase in charges of medical services for expatriates, Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi said, “The cost incurred by Ministry of Health for providing health services is too much. Expatriate visitors receive medicines and even surgeries at very low cost in comparison to the costs in their own countries. Expatriate residents receive medical attention for as low as KD 1 or KD 2”.

He added, “We have prepared a study to increase the charges of medical services based on each case. The charges for medical services in hospitals will range from KD 5 – KD 10. For some humanitarian cases, the charges will be KD 1 – KD 5”.

Minister Al-Harbi revealed that about 60 percent of the patients who seek medical services in hospitals do not really need to visit the hospitals and can receive treatment at clinics itself, insisting that this increases the load on doctors and medical facilities in hospitals, which handle almost 1,000 cases per day.

He affirmed that the study has taken into consideration the difference in the charges paid by a patient who seeks treatment for a cold and one who suffers from a serious disease.

Al-Harbi indicated that the ministry has been coordinating with the Health Insurance Company regarding provision of medical services to expatriates in the hospitals of the company.

He stressed that the company is taking necessary steps to obtain approvals from all relevant state bodies, affirming that such a move will reduce the pressure faced in hospitals of the ministry. The minister assured that Ministry of Health will supervise the medical services offered to expatriates in the hospitals of Health Insurance Company.



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