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Students begin Board examinations
March 4, 2014, 10:45 am

Class XII CBSE Board Examinations (AISSCE) commenced on Saturday, 1 March 2014 with English as the first exam.

The Indian Community School Senior at Salmiya has the highest number of students in Kuwait sitting for the exam. In the meantime, ICSK also functions as a fully fledged examination center with the largest group of students from various schools including the private candidates attempting the exam.

More than 1000 students from various schools of Kuwait are writing the exam with ICSK as the center and the requisite arrangements have been made by the staff under the supervision of Dr. V.Binumon    Centre Superintendent of the Centre 8814 (The Indian Community School, Kuwait).

All the candidates are provided with the facilities stipulated by CBSE and a mind management program is conducted at the school every day before the exam to give confidence and reduce their anxiety and pressure. All the parents are also allowed to join the students in this mind programming session.

To match with the Indian Time, exams at the center begin at 7:45 am with a reading time of 15 minutes and this leads to the writing session that begins at 8:00am. The ample time provided to read will enable students to plan and prepare to write their answers properly.

The writing time of 3 hours ends at 11:00am but for the dyslexic and special category students, an extra one hour is permitted by CBSE to the candidates. Physically challenged candidates are provided with extra help to write and read for them again strictly according to the CBSE stipulations.

Class X examinations also commenced on 3rd March and ICSK is all set and ready as an exam center to accommodate around thousand students. The dedication, hard work and sincere efforts of the ICSK Faculty and staff is the main factor for the successful execution of all the exam-related duties letting the center to put forward meticulously organized Examinations.

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