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Students' Council investiture at ILOA
June 3, 2015, 11:25 am

Indian Learners Own Academy held their 5th Investiture Ceremony on 21 May, 2015 with great enthusiasm and gusto. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic session. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.

The function commenced with the arrival of the Chief Guest and other dignitaries followed by the arrival of the new Student Council. The distinguished Chief Guest of the day was  Dr. V. Binumon, Principal of Indian Community School, Salmiya. The other members who graced the occasion were Mr. Ebrahim Al Gerier, Capt. D. N. Pushkarna and Himani Pushkarna. 

The ceremony initiated with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by its translation and a Prayer in English. The National Anthems of Kuwait and India were sung with a spirit of patriotism as a mark of respect and honour to the respective countries. The Chief Guest, Dr. V. Binumon, did the honours of lighting the lamp of knowledge on this auspicious occasion. The school Principal Mrs. Asha Sharma extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest, guests of honour, parents, staff and the students present at the ceremony.

The Principal Mrs. Asha Sharma of LOA along with the Chief Guest Dr. V. Binumon inducted the newly elected members of the school with badges and sashes. Shamil Zubair of Class XII was appointed as the School Head Boy and Nadira Anjum of Class XII was appointed as the School Head Girl.
An oath was administered by the Principal where the students promised to honour their titles by fulfilling their responsibilities and giving their best to the school.  She congratulated them and apprised them of their responsibilities and exhorted them to uphold the rich traditions of the school.

The Chief Guest Dr. V. Binumon in his speech said that each one of us should be an achiever in our lives. All of us should set a goal in our lives and should try to reach our goals within the specific time set, no matter the obstacles that come into our path.  He also said that a leader should be a better motivator who inspires and motivates his fellow mates to become a leader while discharging duties.

He added that one should have a passion in doing things and should change to make a better personality. He stated further that a leader should be optimistic and should know how to use his words because it is words that can make a change in their life and in the life of others. He asked the students to repeat the two positive phrases: "I can"& "I will ".

He was gratified at the views of Asha Sharma about him and expressed his heartfelt thanks for inviting him to the ceremony. Besides, students were awarded with certificates for having meticulously carried out their duties for the post bestowed to them for the academic year 2014-15.

On this occasion, the students of the various sections of the school participated in the Inter- House Rangoli Competition. Captain Pushkarna judged the competition saying that it was a very colorful and beautiful presentation. He said that LOA is number one in bringing up this idea which is commendable. He congratulated the students on the beautiful effort put up by them.

The results of the competition were as follows.

I Place - Fire House
II Place - Space House
III Place - Earth House
IV Place - Air House
V Place - Ether House
VI Place - Water House

As a mark of respect and tribute to motherland, various programmes were put up by the students. The melodious song on 'Vande Mataram' sung by our LOA choir ignited a patriotic feeling in the hearts and minds of everyone present . A spectacular classical dance was performed by the students that left the spectators spell bound and a mesmerizing musical orchestra filled the air with joy and ecstasy.

The grand occasion came to an end with the Head Boy sharing his objectives for the academic year 2015 – 16 along with a heart warming Vote of Thanks by the Head Girl expressing her gratitude to all for reposing faith in them and promised to discharge their duties honestly with utmost commitment and earnestness.


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