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Streaming browser videos to get better with Chromecast
May 16, 2017, 11:48 am

Google is testing a major leap in quality when casting a tab with video content from a Chrome desktop browser to your Chromecast, the attractively-priced streaming device from Google. Ever since the streaming gadget was introduced, this has been a rather lackluster way of sending video to the TV from sources that do not natively support Chromecast, such as Amazon Video. Tab casting can be laggy, drops frames, and never preserves the video’s original quality. That is about to soon become a thing of the past and you can try the new solution right now.

Instead of just mirroring the entire tab (and low-quality video) on your TV screen, the Chrome browser will now send the exact video stream to the Chromecast. All you need to do is toggle on full-screen mode in the content you are watching, and Chrome will handle the rest. “This ‘simple’ feature allows to save battery and keep video quality intact.”

The feature is not yet ready for all Chromecast users, so to try it out you have got to do a little bit of work: If you happen to own a Chromecast device, then in your Chrome browser type in: Chrome://flags/#media-remoting and enable the highlighted flag. Restart Chrome and go to or any other video site and play a random video. Click ‘Cast’ in the Chrome menu and make the video full screen to enjoy that experience.


So go get streaming. Amazon Video is one obvious example of where this will be very useful. 

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