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Stopping fuel price hike requires special law
June 12, 2017, 10:11 am
After several parliamentary appeals presented to the government for issuing necessary decrees over some urgent laws such as barring any increase in fuel prices, naturalization, and interests of social security loans, which the parliament was unable to discuss and endorse in the just concluded parliamentary term due to shortage of time, a number of MPs and legalists see the unconstitutionality in issuing such laws based on decrees, reports Al-Qabas daily.
In his statement, MP Saleh Khorshid said, “I do not believe there is any need to endorse such laws through ministerial decrees. Despite their importance, these laws are not so urgent that ministerial decrees are required. Stopping the fuel price increase requires a special law. The previous parliament had given unrestricted hands to the government in this regard”.
He went on to say, “The same applies to the naturalization law. I, along with other legislators, submitted a proposal to limit the number of naturalization cases to 4,000 as well as limit the minimum number of naturalization cases to 2,000. This proposal is suitable for all concerned parties. There are other laws of importance for citizens that are more urgent than the earlier stated laws”.
MP Khorshid continued, “The government should extend its arm of cooperation to endorse these laws that serve the interest of citizens. However, we unfortunately have seen contrary from the government when voting on endorsement of laws concerning pensions of retired military personnel. The government had decided to refrain from voting, even though the law went on to be passed due to majority support from the parliament”.


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