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Stereotypes about women
March 2, 2015, 2:53 pm

There are many simplistic generalizations about women that are hard to shake off despite the presence of evidence to the contrary. Let us take a look at some of them.

Women love to gossip: Well if women love it, then men equally love it too. The only difference in that they do not admit it. Also what would you say to those boys night out where eventually after discussing at length about, work politics, football, drinks, matches the discussions finally dwindles down to gossip, especially about women.

Women are bad drivers: Again a stereotype that should be shunned. Women know the rules and know how to be careful. We all know a friend or colleague who utters the words, “That must be a woman” when a driver ahead makes a rash move on the road. But chances are, when you come alongside the rash driver you find it is a man.

Women with successful careers are bad homemakers: Just because they are great at office work does not mean that they do not really worry about their homes. There are many women at top positions in the corporate world who are great homemakers too. Sure, time-to-time they do feel a little guilty and vulnerable for losing that balance, but you better know that women can comeback after this phase and make the entire scenario work best for her.

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