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Steps taken to deport expat inmates, reduce overcrowding in jails
October 31, 2018, 8:37 am

Head of the panel in charge of dealing with the overcrowding of prisons and correctional facilities Judge Mohammad Al- Duaij revealed that the panel has issued a set of actions for reducing the number of inmates in the prisons and correctional facilities to match the capacity, reports Arab Times quoting Al-Rai daily.

He explained that the capacity of the Central Prison is 3,000 prisoners. Prior to the formation of the panel, there were nearly 5,000 prisoners. A total of 1,100 prisoners were immediately released and their files were closed, and 1,700 prisoners were released normally following the completion of their prison terms or they were included in the Amiri pardon.

Judge Al-Duaij stressed that the panel will consider the immediate deportation of expatriates who suffer from diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis especially since the state is spending nearly KD 330,000 for them, adding that a mechanism has been set in place to expedite the deportation procedures.

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