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Stay warm in style
December 3, 2017, 3:40 pm

Staying warm vs. looking chic — it shouldn't have to be a choice. Why should your ears (or legs) have to freeze just so you can rock your favorite outfit? From fresh layering ideas to quirky sartorial tricks, these creative style hacks will help you leave your everyday winterwear behind for new, unexplored outfit ideas.

Socks with flats: Bare ankles and exposed feet are unpleasant when it's chilly. Pair your favorite flats with a pair of warm socks for an unexpected look that will help keep you warm. If your shoes tend to run small, aim for a pair of socks with less bulk; that way, your shoes won't pinch. Whether glitter and platforms, fishnets and mules, or cable knit and loafers, there is a perfect pairing for any style.

A blanket scarf: Equal parts style and comfort, a blanket scarf will be your cold-weather best friend. Tuck it around your neck or throw it over your shoulders — either way you will be cozy and comfy. It is also an easy way to brighten up a plain winter outfit. Bold patterns, bright colors and cheeky prints are a good place to start.

Layer your coats:  When it's freezing out, two coats are better than one. Layer a long, slim coat, denim jacket, or anorak, under a shorter, more voluminous one, to keep the look stylish and fresh.

Another way to make the trick work is to try lighter weight jackets and have them at varying lengths. That way when it all comes together it looks like you have a brand new coat to add to your winter wardrobe. Some of the best combos are the trench and cocoon coat, bomber jacket and double-breasted coat, and the ultimate fashion pairing, the blazer and fur jacket.

A turtleneck under a dress: Instead of adding bulk with a heavy scarf, try layering a turtleneck under your favorite dress. Your arms and neck will be protected, and you can avoid toting a heavy scarf around.

Plus, one of 2017’s biggest trends is the turtleneck, and for extra warmth, it pairs well with a chunky sweater. Make sure the turtleneck is slim-fitting to avoid extra bulk.

Top your tights with socks: If you plan on wearing skimpy shoes, do your best to cover as much leg as possible. Doubling up sheer tights with cozy socks or, even over-the-knee socks helps keep your tootsies — and legs — from freezing.

Upgrade your sweatshirt: Some days, all you can think about is staying cozied up in your favorite sweatshirt. Make the look work-appropriate by opting for a dressed-up version or layering a button-down underneath. Top with a sweater or sleek blazer, and you're good to go.

Matching knitwear sets: Matching sets were made for days when the bitter wind is blowing outside. This no-brainer combo that fashion gals have been rocking for ages now will keep you looking effortlessly chic, toasty warm. Coming in pant, skirt, and dress form and paired with a cardigan or pullover, the coordinating fuzzy two-piece feels so right.

Wear pants under a dress: On days when tights just aren't enough to protect you from the cold, layer a pair of trousers, jeans, or leather pants under a dress.


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