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Statistics on number of eligible voters for the 2016 National Assembly elections
November 14, 2016, 2:56 pm

Total electorate for upcoming elections due on November 26 stands at 483,186, including 29,026 females in the second constituency.

Number of franchised citizens in the constituency has risen to 5,621, by 1.16 percent of the overall electorate as compared to the figure of the July 2013 polls -- with 2,870 men and 2,751 women.

Total figure of the voters in the second constituency constitutes 11.46 percent of the total number of eligible voters; 5.45 percent men and six percent women.

The voters of this constituency are residents of 13 areas: Dahiat Abdullah Al-Salem 6,435 (including 3,323 women), Al-Gibla 34 (including 19 womwn), Al-Shuwaikh 1,327 (including 682 women), Al-Shamiah 5,237 (including 2,698 women).

Number of franchised citizens in Al-Qadsiah stands at 7,200 (including 3,744 women), Al-Mansouriah 3,022 (including 1,489 women), Al-Faihaa 5,973 (including 3,313 women).

In Al-Nuzha, the electorate amounts to 4,327 (including 2,326 women), Al-Sulaibikhat 8,124 (including 4,151 women), Al-Doha 8,212 (including 4,393 women).

Franchised nationals in Gharnata amounts to 2,240 (including 1,347 women), Al-Qairawan 3,209 (including 1,541 women), and non has been registered in Al-Murgab. 

Source: KUNA

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