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Stack those rings
December 6, 2015, 10:26 am

Whoever said that layering is just for clothes has got it all wrong. Today’s trend includes stackable rings that has given jewellery a totally new look. For those who have already caught on to this trend, here are few tips that will help you try different combinations.

To go simple, stack all your rings on one finger or opt for several band rings. They are elegant and there is no fear of going overboard.

A bling bracelet might be a good idea if you are considering matching your nail polish with your rings.

Pearly trend has not yet disappeared. To go all pearly, select only pearls and apply a bold nail polish to look stylish.

Tattoos are a new trend now. Tattoos and rings get along. All you need is a flashy ring and you have it.

Mix and match is another option you could try. Mix your textures such as a pearl, metal and beads.

Find yourself a chunky thumb ring and pair it with tiny bands and simple rings.

All those peace lovers, stack all your rings on the peace fingers.

Get rings with stones of same colour. This will make you look cohesive.

For minimalistic and elegant look, go with just three plain rings in gold, placed at different digits.

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