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Squeezed fruit juice harmful to health
May 15, 2017, 5:27 pm

Advertisements for fresh fruit juices, gyms, spas and health clubs that tout the health virtues of fruit juice and school policies that encourage children to drink fruit juices, all help fortify the belief that fruit juices are beneficial to our health. But health experts warn that even freshly pressed, 100 percent fruit juice is little more than sugar and water; too much consumption of which could prove detrimental to your health.

The logic that whole fruit is healthy, and therefore juice that comes from fruit must be healthy too is apparently flawed. Some of the healthiest parts of the fruit are left behind by drinking just the juice — skin on your apple, the seeds in your raspberries, the membranes that hold orange segments together. In fact, all the good elements of fruit, including the fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals — are usually discarded in fruit juices.

Also, for calorie watchers it helps to remember that fruit juices provide more calories than the fruit. Whereas a whole orange may contain 45 calories, an eight-ounce glass of orange juice contains 110 calories, and a large kale, banana and orange smoothie at a commercial juice bar can contain more than 600 calories.

Obviously our perception of juice needs a radical makeover, starting with our kids. The easily available, convenient, single-serving packaged fruit juices that we regularly pack in the lunch boxes of our kids are even unhealthier than freshly squeezed juices. In fact, studies show that kids who drink packaged juice regularly are shorter and heavier than kids who rarely drink juice.

To fix this problem, first, recognize juice for what it is: a treat. It does not belong at your breakfast table or after your gym workout. Next, get juice out of your children's lunch boxes and their lives. Ditch the juice pack in favor of real fruits, a pack of milk or a plain bottle of water. Not only does milk contain about a third of the sugar of juice, it is also a great source of the protein, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium that growing kids need.


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