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Splash reveals 'Into the Wild' collection at Winter16 fashion show
November 17, 2016, 4:20 pm

Fashion explores the wild side of the urban lifestyle this winter. It’s fascinating to know that within the urban landscape that we live in exists different people who represent varied aspects of fashion. This season the recently concluded Splash ‘Into The Wild’ show explored various trends that really captured the essence of the urban jungle dweller.

A highlight event at Fashion Forward Dubai, Season 8, the Splash runway was replete with artistic tree installations and all black background which set the mood for the incoming season. Keeping it in sync with the band’s true style, the show was followed by an after-party.

The dominant trends featured at Winter ’16 fashion Show for women were: Global Traveler- the 70’s vibe is strong with long lines in rich spice tones like burgundy, burnt orange and teal. Be a glamorous nomad in pieces that highlight folklore and hand crafted prints in suede and patchwork fabrics.

Mix&Mix – Print on print in sporty elements is the all new rage and this trend is not for the weak- hearted. Think bright hues, mix and matched bold prints with embellished and very luxe details. Bombers jackets and pinafore are the key pieces in the line.

Studio 54- The name says it all! All glam and fabulous dressed in sequins and shimmer. This trip down memory lane will leave of nostalgic of this roaring era and the disco age. Metallics and shiny fabrics will rule the collection. All Black collection – The grunge inspired collection has an array of fabrics to experiment with. You will find leather, satin, silk georgette and spandex in key pieces like jackets, skirts, dresses and shirts.

The dominant trends featured at Winter ’16 fashion Show for men were: Anti-fashion + future utility-  As the name suggests this trend leans towards Normcore, clean lines and tone on tone looks for a more functional and practical approach to fashion. Oversized silhouettes, drop shoulder pieces are key in earthy tones like sand, black and olive. Tough 90’s- This trend is DIY at its best. Flaunt your personal style and create pieces that is essentially you!

Busted knee denims, DIY tracker jackets and tartan shirts are your staples which can be highlighted with grunge elements. Studio 54- This range is for the very dapper man who can carry of plush fabrics with élan. Clean and sophisticated, the range is all about the glamour from the era and not exactly OTT. Outerwear is print heavy and luxe fabrics in key pieces like polos and blazers.

The collection presented on the runway will be available across all Splash stores in Centrepoint at Splash -The Avenues, Phase II and at Salam Mall- Salmiya.

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