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Splash launches ‘Studio Collection’ as part of the Fall Winter’14 fashion show
October 28, 2014, 1:58 pm

Twenty one is an age symbolic of change, coming of age, transitions and the beginning of a new chapter. Summing all this and more Splash, the high street maven who is currently celebrating 21 years ‘In Love with Fashion’ showcased its Fall Winter’14 collection to a 3000 strong audience of style-conscious aficionados from across the Region. 

Taking a plunge into the future and opening a new chapter Splash unveiled a special line titled ‘Studio Collection’ that will be exclusive to the bi-annual splash fashion shows. The Fall Winter line-up was showcased in a 20 minute runway extravaganza on 45 international models while Madinat Arena, Madinat Jumeirah was transformed into a contemporary timeless hall that would take on color and projections.

A multitude of doors on multi-levels, used by models to come in and out of the catwalk abstract pace with doors created drama representing choices and different paths that people may take once they come of age ie 21. An interesting collage of LED projections that draw from the daily nuances of life were used on the floor, walls and behind doors to bring alive the Splash runway.

Speaking on the sidelines of Exit 21, Raza Beig, CEO, Splash & ICONIC, said, “We always strive to make a statement when we showcase our seasonal collection and this season is no different. To make Exit 21 a whole lot more memorable apart from the concept and the collection we had our gorgeous brand ambassador Nicole Saba join us to celebrate the essence of being ‘In love with Fashion’. 

With Exit 21 a concept that reflects the coming of age we have launched the Splash ‘Studio Collection’ which is an exclusive line of the fashion show featuring dramatic yet commercial pieces.  The collection we have shown is a reflection of the season’s hottest trends interpreted the Splash way and will be sold across all Splash stores and online from October 20.”

To maximize the reach of the shows and celebrate fashion on a larger scale, the 3 shows were live streamed on all the brand’s social media platforms along with other leading online platforms across the Region, where a million or more fans and consumers watched the Splash fashion show.

As the 20 minute action on the ramp came to a halt, the setup was instantly converted into the after party arena where guests danced into the wee hours of the night on the latest hits of DJ Kennedy. The VIP show was attended by UAE’s crème de la crème where Nicole Saba walked the finale with Raza Beig, amidst a thunderous round of applause. All fashion followers and Splash customers also got a taste of the season’s most awaited runway action across 2 shows earlier in the evening.

Drawing inspiration from the future yet staying true to the simple wearable silhouettes, the collection plays on two key themes namely Tommorow Land & Neutral Ground. The entire collection is available at all Splash stores in Centrepoint and at Splash -The Avenues, Phase II.


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