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Splash fashions runway show to make a stellar return
November 12, 2018, 3:14 pm

The iconic and much-loved bi-annual Splash Fashion Show is back with the brand celebrating 25 years in fashion. The event, bigger, better and brighter than ever before, will showcase the best of cutting-edge street style and the brilliantly savvy attitude and sense of theatre for which Splash is so well known.

To be held at The Studio at Atlantis The Palm, the event will kick-off with a show for the youth only, followed by an occasion for the Splash loyal Nukhba and Shukran consumer, and concluding with a star-studded late-night showing. In keeping with the brand’s accessible attitude, the student show and consumer show passes are available through shopping in-stores and by the team touring local universities.

Splash Fashions is delighted to be bringing back this popular event to mark 25 years of success in the region. Ever evolving, the brand has recently announced the launch of #InFashion, its first campaign as part of a new brand way forward. This campaign marks the brand's commitment to collaboration with the community, moving the leading retailer away from its recent celebrity phase and reaffirming its position as the leading fashion retailer in the Middle East.  

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