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Spearheading professional and individual growth
November 20, 2013, 11:17 am

Innovative learning courses have opened doors for driven professionals to pursue new paths or reinvent themselves in their careers.  The International Institute of Computer Science & Administration (ICSA), established in 2001, is a pioneer in the field of IT & Management Education, offering a range of courses specially designed to educate and endow the public with the relevant tools to succeed.

Students from different communities and backgrounds attend the institute to attain a strong technical foundation that will enable them to structure a good career plan. Throughout the process, ICSA guides its students to attain their goals by utilizing a strong curriculum, updated technology and tailor-made programs.

ICSA’s in-house team has designed the courses, books and other projects; the complete course experience is accredited to the Institute’s ingenuity and is regularly updated to reflect the changing workplace. Coincidently, the tutors are professionally educated for two to three months by a similar framework to deliver an exceptional standard of coaching and individually train students of varying degree of comprehension.

Each student receives personalized attention to build their understanding of the skill based course. A flexible time schedule ensures students are not burdened by time constraints and they avail of the best the institute has to offer as per their convenience.  There exists the option of online education where participants can access their preferred courses from anywhere in Kuwait.

A practical tracking system monitors the progress of the students as they browse through the many presentations, work on the quizzes and discuss questions in the forum. Online courses are completely interactive, students can post their queries for instructors to answer, discuss in groups and message other students. Also, to observe their knowledge and growth, students are awarded grades and scores.

As the first online education provider, the institute is proud to be responsible for many successful graduates. Its step by step training procedures have greatly benefited students, who appreciate the instructors’ consideration either online or in-class, encouraging them to effectively absorb information as they prepare for their exams and projects.

Students feel at ease in the classrooms and workplace, finding all aspects of the lessons easy to grasp. Their advancement helps them do well in their careers, more so due to the institute assistance in student placement. As well as their guidance in creating a solid career plan via an extensive consultation. For students with weak language skills, the Institute makes arrangements for them to learn English before they take any courses.

ICSA has worked on top notch courses that are applicable to the Kuwait workforce; the ones in-demand and very popular are Basic Computer Secretarial, Office Management, Web Designing, Web Development, and AutCAD 2D& 3D.  Time expended on these courses more often than not promises rewards for the students as such professionals are sought-after. ICSA is a reputable institute that instils in its students pride, motivation and the skills to reach new career heights.

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