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Sparsh Talent contest Open Day
April 4, 2015, 2:19 pm

Organizers of the first major talent contest in Kuwait, Sparsh held an open day recently to introduce the team behind the contest and provide an interactive forum for participants to ask questions and clarify any doubts. During the interaction organizing team members Minnie Murali, Urvi Trehan, Leslie Davis and Arati Rohtagi explained some of the finer points of the contest and answered questions posed by the participants and parents.

The open day also served as a wonderful showcase of talent that will be seen during the competition. Bundles of talent Mahima Juyal sang Phantom of the Opera, while Anna Elizabeth Raju presented a beautiful Hindi semi-classical number followed by Rahul Sachdeva singing a popular Bollywood number. Auditions of the contest have officially started and the event promises to be an ideal platform to present local talent from Kuwait and bring them to the forefront.

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