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South Africa named one of top 10 countries you need to visit in 2018
December 7, 2017, 5:19 pm

For those not already lucky enough to be living in South Africa, 'Lonely Planet' has selected South Africa as one of the Top 10 countries travelers need to visit in 2018.

Apart from South Africa's beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, delicious wine and wildlife, Lonely Planet also gives a shout out to the country's vibrant culture and cosmopolitan city, Cape Town.

The travel guidebook publisher says South Africa has long been one of the world's most alluring countries, and next year it will be even more so … as the country celebrates Nelson Mandela's Centenary with an official programme of events from sports to the arts.

"So with more to see than ever, and favorable exchange rates offering great value, 2018 is a phenomenal year to visit South Africa," says Lonely Planet.

Chile clinched the top spot in the list as it celebrates its 200 years of independence next year… and has just added non-stop flights from London and Melbourne straight to Santiago.

Other countries from Africa featured in the Top 10 list are Mauritius at number eight and Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, at number four. – Source:

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