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Sony delivers the best in audio with new wireless headphones
June 27, 2016, 11:47 am

Sony has announced the arrival of a number of fresh additions to its expanding audio line-up with an eye-catching new family of h.ear™ headphones along with the introduction of the new MDR-XB650BT lightweight wireless headphones that deliver extra bass.

A perfect match for your Walkman®, MP3/MP4 player, phone or tablet, h.ear™ blends style, comfort, on-the-go practicality and stunning High-Resolution Audio quality. The new introductions utilise LDACTM, an audio coding technology for the transmission of High-Resolution Audio and supports several transmission rates according to the wireless environment. It allows you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio content in exceptional sound quality by transmitting at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps (approximately three times more data than conventional Bluetooth® audio). LDAC™ provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music, the way the artist truly intended.

Commenting on their availability now in the region, Satoru Arai, Head, Sony Middle East and Africa, said “The new range of h.ear™ wireless headphones sets the listeners free to enjoy the perfect sound experience through the latest high resolution audio. We are excited to launch the highest performing components of style, comfort and next-generation technology to truly express exceptional sound quality.

“Meanwhile we know that many of our valued customers here in the Middle East are huge music lovers so we wanted to offer them a product like the new EXTRA BASS headphones delivering deep bass for music lovers to enjoy, wherever they are.”

One of the  signatures of the h.ear™ range is that all new models are available in five vibrant colours – Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow and Bordeaux Pink. The single colour conveys a simple, subtle appearance that can easily be adapted to suit the style of individual users. From the body of the unit to its cable, components made from different materials or have different finishes were all created in the same colour.

h.ear on™ Wireless NC

Made for style conscious music lovers, the new h.ear on™ Wireless NC headphones stand out from the crowd with impressively detailed listening and head-turning looks.

Digital Noise Cancelling instantly makes ambient sounds fade away, letting you focus on the music and nothing else. AI Noise Cancelling constantly further analyses ambient sounds around you, automatically selecting the most effective noise cancelling mode to suit the environment you’re in. Even with Bluetooth® and noise cancelling switched on, a huge 20-hour battery life offers plenty of stamina for that transcontinental trip – or just some valuable ‘me time’ during a busy day.

h.ear on™ Wireless NC fits comfortably over the ear, immersing you in crystal clear High-Resolution Audio compatible sound with powerfully precise bass and beautifully transparent highs, powered by a 40 mm HD driver unit. Audio quality is further enhanced by coating the diaphragm domes with titanium to suppress unwanted vibrations and reproduce crystal clear sound with high linearity. Specially designed ear pads boost wear comfort while minimising sound leakage to ensure your music won’t disturb anyone else.

Offering the freedom of wireless listening, the smooth, compact design has a seamless finish and the fit of the headphones is designed to be incredibly sure with no gap around the head.

h.ear in™ Wireless: In-ear Bluetooth® Behind-the-neck Style Headphones

Made for elegant everyday listening, the h.ear in™ Wireless debuts a light, comfortable behind-the-neck design that sits comfortably and discreetly around your neck.

Slip in the high-comfort in-ear earphones and connect wirelessly with your smartphone or MP3 player: you’re all set for breathtaking sound with exquisitely balanced vocals and instruments. Equipped with a compact, highly-sensitive 9mm driver unit, h.ear in™ Wireless features an outer magnetic path-type magnetic circuit to maximise the driver output. h.ear in™ Wireless also offers an in-built microphone and HD voice support for clear hands-free calling on your smartphone.

As a clever extra detail, there’s also a regular minijack input for direct connection to your phone or MP3 player – so the music doesn’t have to stop if you’re ever out of battery power.

MDR-XB650BT Headphones

MDR-XB650BT is a Bluetooth® compatible, compact addition to the existing EXTRA BASS series of Sony headphones. With a 30mm driver exclusive to this range, together with an incorporated bass booster structure and dedicated EXTRA BASS diaphragm, the headphones achieve highly realistic notes that precisely carves out the rhythm and groove feeling of rich bass.

Keeping you wire-free, One-touch Bluetooth® connection and music playback is offered via NFC. Compatible with AAC and aptX® Bluetooth® codecs, it enables a premium audio quality sound even when listening wirelessly.

The headphones have been designed specifically to enhance the playback for deep bass. Fitting with an increased contact surface area, it achieves a stable fit that can withstand the punchy and deep bass notes. The ear pads have a soft texture and fit close to the skin, achieving excellent wearing comfort and well-balanced sound. The swivel structure design enables the housing section to be folded flat, making them easy to store and convenient to carry around wherever you go.

With 30 hours of continuous music playback rechargeable anywhere via USB, your party won’t stop even at the break of dawn.

Pricing and availability in UAE
The h.ear on™ Wireless NC is priced at AED 1,399.
The h.ear in™ Wireless is priced at AED 799.
The MDR-XB650BT is priced at AED 499.

All three models will be available in the UAE from April 2016.

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