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Someday Café
March 1, 2015, 1:54 pm

Food: For the days when you wish for a fresh sandwich at a simple place, or wish to meet a friend in an outdoor setting for a light lunch, head over to Someday Café. They serve sandwiches like chicken mango and crunchy tuna, the west and the east classics fusions like kofta meat burger and konafa cheesecake, and a wide range of local fruits and salads – such as Kushari Salad and Orzo Salad – to hit the spot.

Atmosphere: The café has a contemporary yet homey design along with a small marketplace within the café.

Best Bite: Chicken Cranberry – a light, appetizing sandwich for chicken-lovers; Red Velvet Mini-Handbites; Brownies.

Best Bit: Check out the marketplace for whacky disk shaped to classic orange sunglasses, t-shirts, desk accessories or, handmade pillows. Or check the café's wall of hundreds of inspired napkin drawings by customers.

Where: Salhiya Complex  | 22996424 94422333 | Instagram @somedaykw

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