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Some hospitals said to implement decision No 392/’99 on expat fees
June 22, 2017, 9:59 am

 Health sources disclosed that some hospitals have started implementing Ministerial Decision No. 392/1999 concerning fees to be paid by expatriates who visit the outpatient clinics in case they have to revisit the clinic for the same issue.

Earlier, it was understood that patients would only pay consultation fee for the first visit and no additional fees would be required on subsequent visits if it involves the same health issue.

The sources indicated the fee of KD 2 is exclusively for consultation, and the patient is supposed to pay for each visit after the initial visit — whether or not he’s issued medical prescription. They pointed out that KD 2, which was formerly charged on the first visit, is against Ministerial Decision No. 392/1999, which stipulates that consultation fee should be paid on each visit.

He stressed doctors are advised to sign the date of visit on the stamp to prevent reuse by patients. They noted the above-stated observation by State Audit Bureau will be carried out by some outpatient clinics and hospitals after many years, affirming there’s no relation between consultation fees and medical prescription issued for the patient.

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