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Some 288,000 students beginning year at private schools - Ministry
September 6, 2015, 9:01 pm

Some 288,000 students, amongst them 70,000 Kuwaiti nationals, began their school year at private educational institutions, said a statement by the Ministry of Education Sunday. Head of Ministry's department for private education Abdullah Al-Busairi said that around 156,281 students, amongst them 50,000 Kuwaiti's, were attending foreign private schools while students attending Arabic private schools were at around 131,706 students, amongst them some 25,000 Kuwaitis.

The number of students attending private schools this year increase 10 percent, said Al-Busairi, adding that the department will issue the final numbers when registration at private schools was done. The strategy to receive the private schools students is set in motion and hopefully procedures will run smoothly, affirmed the official.

Regarding school fees, Al-Busairi stressed that the department will impose ministerial legislations on keeping fees at they were with no increase, noting that any school which violates the legislation will be forced to return fees or face closure. 

Source: KUNA

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