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Some 135,512 eligible voters in 5th constituency
November 17, 2016, 10:21 am

The total electorate for the upcoming elections due on November 26 stands at 483,186, including 230,430 males and 252,756 females.

The number of eligible voters in the fifth constituency had reached 135,512 with 67,584 females. The current figure is an increase by 12,983 voters, around 2.68 percent from the numbers registered in the previous elections in July of 2013.

The fifth constituency represent 28.04 percent of the total number of voters nationwide. Voters of this constituency are residents of 20 areas: Al-Ahmadi with 4,242 (including 2,170 females), Hadiya with 5,696 (including 2,640 females), Fintas and Mahboula with 3,529 (including 2,095 females), Bu Hulaifa with 1,802 (with 895 females), and Sabah Al-Salem with 19,164 (including 10,986 females).

The constituency also consists of Al-Reqqa with 13,309 (including 6,767 females), Al-Subahiya 18,443 (including 9,410 females), Al-Dahar with 9,099 (including 4,711 females), Al-Uqaila with 653 (including 298 females), Al-Qurain 8,096 (including 3,888 females), Al-Addan with 4,669 (including 2,199 females), Al-Qusour with 5,670 (including 2,811 females), Mubarak Al-Kabeer with 6,147 (including 3,000 females), Fahad Al-Ahmad with 1,420 (including 529 females), Jaber Al-Ali with 11,927 (including 5,657 females), Fahaheel with 9,062 (including 4,116 females), Mangaf with 5,442 (including 2,493 females), Ali Sabah Al-Salem and Mina Abdullah 6,522 (with 2,906 females), Al-Zour with 3 (including 2 females), and Al-Wafra with 23 (including 11 females).

Source: KUNA

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