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Some 127,408 eligible voters in 4th constituency
November 16, 2016, 11:17 am

Total electorate for the upcoming elections due on November 26 stands at 483,186, including 230,430 males and 252,756 females.

The number of eligible voters in the fourth constituency had reached 127,408 with 67,914 females. The current figure is an increase by 13,723 voters which is around 2.84 percent from the numbers registered in the previous elections in July of 2016.

The fourth constituency represent 26.36 percent of the total number of voters nationwide. Voters of this constituency are residents of 18 areas: Farwaniya with 5,346 (including 2,253 females), Al-Ferdous with 17,643 (including 8,900 females), Al-Omariya with 5,225 (including 2,652 females), Al-Rabiya with 5,750 (including 2,941 females), Al-Regee and Al-Andalous with 8,197 (with 4,846 including females), and Jleeb Al-Shoyukh with 4,922 (including 2,244 females).

The constituency also consists of Sabah Al-Nasser with 7,679 (including 4,643 females), Al-Rehab with 1,677 (including 4,107 females), Al-Adhailiya with 20 male voters only, Al-Aradhiya with 13,468 (with 7,544 females), Ishbilya with 1,488 (including 738 females), Abdullah Al-Mubarak with 4,014 (including 1,754 females), new Jahra area with 23,857 (including 13,304 females), Al-Sulaibiya and government housing areas with 2,061 (including 1,842 females), Saad Al-Abdullah city with 4,416 (including 1,742 females), and Jahra and Al-Bar with 19,215 (including 10,081 females).

No voters were registered in Al-Shidadiya and Saihad Al-Awazim. 

Source: KUNA

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