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Solving Mideast crises must be based on peoples' interests - Expert
June 22, 2014, 8:44 am

Chris Doyle, the President of the Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu), appealed to major powers of the world to put aside their differences and join hands to resolve serious crises, namely Iraq and Syria.

The international and regional powers should seek consensus on basic principles; serving interests of the Syrian and Iraqi peoples and abstain from backing individuals or certain parties at the expense of other sides "to avert recurrence of past blunders," opined Doyle in an exclusive statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

Iraqi cause can be tackled, starting with establishment of a new political regime comprising all parties across the political spectrum, without exemption of any side, he said, warning that the crumbling of Iraq and spread of sectarianism and fanaticism threaten both the Iraqi people and all nations of the globe.

Due to the fact that the events in Iraq and Syria intersect, the Iraqi issue appears to be the main question and must be addressed with utmost seriousness, Dolye told the Kuwaiti news agency, however, he added that "this doesn't necessarily means direct military intervention."

He held the "international community" responsible for the crisis escalation in Iraq, stating, "the truth we must acknowledge is that the global community does not know how to act in Iraq and has proven ineffective in Syria.

"The world is split between the United States and Russia at the international level and Iran and some Arab countries at the regional level." Doyle indicated that recent rise of the militant group, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), was result of a chain of events and blunders dating back to 2003.

Acts of violence have been on the rise continuously since a long time, along with mounting activity by very radical groups, Doyle told KUNA, also holding the Iraqi Government responsible for part of the causes of the crisis due to its marginalization of a the majority of Arab Sunnites.

Lessons must be taken from history so that to avert doing the same errors, he noted, stressing on necessity of cooperation among regional and international states to find solutions to such crises.

Furthermore, there must be no tolerance toward any regional or international power "that insists on playing the sectarian card, as is the case in Syria.

"Solving the crises in Iraq and Syria must be done primarily on the bases of the two peoples' interests, not on the basis of narrow geopolitical matters as well as some military and business interests."

Caabu is a London-based advocacy group that works with government, parliament and media to further the United Kingdom's positive engagement with the Arab world. Founded in 1967, Caabu is the oldest and largest cross-party organisation of its kind, with over 100 parliamentary members. It carries out a range of events and publications aimed at promoting greater understanding of the Arab world.

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