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Solve your biggest brow problems
March 1, 2016, 4:44 pm

Not everyone can be blessed with the eyebrows of a movie star, but thanks to pencils, gels, wands, and even complete salons devoted to grooming them, you can at least fake amazing brows. As there are a number of different options, sometimes it can be a tad confusing as to which products or treatments to use to address your specific issue. To solve all of your eyebrow problems, here are some tips for common brow problems and exactly how to remedy them.

Brows are sparse:  If you are lacking a little hair up there, reach for a brow pencil because it allows you to mimic the look of hairs and fill in sparseness. Use an eyebrow pencil with a very light formula that is easily blended. To create a natural look, make light mini strokes to create the hairs of the brow, as opposed to drawing on a straight line. Remember, when applying with a pencil, build product up the brow slowly.

Brows are short: Short and squat are not adjectives you want to describe your brows. To elongate brows, look for a pencil to make light, feathery strokes. Looking for more of a permanent solution? Try brow extensions. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like: hundreds of tiny hairs adhered to your brow to give the illusion of natural hair. Although brow extensions require maintenance, the process might totally be worth it for someone with half a brow!

Brows are messy: When you wake up and everything, including your brows, look like they have been through the ringer, go for a tinted brow gel to put little hairs back in place. Brow gels have thicker formulas and are designed to tame the brows while adding color.

If you have a scar or bald spot: For some of us bald spots are a result of over plucking, for others they come from a badminton racket to the face. No matter how your bald spot came to be, there is a simple fix. A gel pencil is a great option to hide a blank space, as its formula deposits more color and seals the hair in place.

Brows are shapeless: This is probably the most common complaint among brow mishap sufferers. For brows that lack shape, it is best to leave it to the pros. Your brows are way too important on your face to make a mistake. To tame brows between salon visits, apply a gel with a spoolie brush in an upward motion to hold hairs in place. Any hairs that are completely out of place can be covered with a dab of concealer.





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