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Socks with heels
October 24, 2017, 1:56 pm

Some street-style fads are seemingly tricky and when you want to give them a chance, you find yourself at a loss at what to do. Whether you feel that your plain shoes are a bit too prim and proper, want to add a fashion edge or just need to find a way to wear your favorite heels, wearing socks with heels is your style solution.

It’s just a matter of fashion math, really. If your shoe is plain, go for a bright colored, contrasting sock to make a statement (lurex or glitter is extra fun), if you only see a peek of sock above a boot, go for a more detailed design, and don’t forget to plan in with the colors of the rest of your outfit. Here are a few more key tips you can easily master the look.

When in doubt, go fancy: A thinner, dressier sock is the easiest way to make this look work. Glittery or embellished options feel party worthy — hence, why they play well with heels. The opposite is also true, embroidered shoes can really shine against a backdrop of plain socks in a similar or contrasting color. It’s all in the little details—namely ornate embellishment offset by a soft texture—is key to getting it right. Also, when working this style tip, be careful of textures. Graphic shoes only show best with the thin stretchy fabric of socks. This is because a tighter fit means less bunching.

Play off your accessories:  The socks with heels thing should look quirky and eclectic, but not totally random. Match socks to the bright color of your bag, then step into neutral colored shoe to pull the whole thing together.

Keep it sexy: A set of fishnet ankle socks adds a fun, vampy feeling to an outfit.

Match them to your shoes: Coupling your shoes with socks in the same hue is an easy way to test drives the trend. With all one color for the eye to focus on, the combo has the aesthetic effect of an ankle boot. Genius!

Create contrast: While the colors don’t need to exactly match, you must pick a few that harmonize. Quiet clashing, like for example a soft gray against warmer tones adds subtle edge.

For socks in a heavier weight material, like suede or satin, a barely-there stiletto is substantial enough to anchor another layer. Now choose one that is extra thick and cozy—the bolder the contrast, the cooler the look.

Go bold: Allow your neon colored knee socks to shine while wearing heels in a subtle color. Alternatively, stand proud by pairing printed socks with printed heels.

Try just a peak: If you still harbor doubts whether this style is for your, lean into the style by working it with an ankle boot first. A sliver of sock that plays off the rest of your outfit will add that little extra something that takes your look to the next level.


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