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Society by Supreme
April 10, 2016, 10:55 am

To walk through the doors of Society by Supreme is to step into the ambiance of a luxury lounge. The richness and dedication jumps at you from the deep red couches, old prints of diners framed in gold, black and white and chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. Choose your dining options from a menu the restaurant dubs its menuzine — a mix of a detail menu and informative magazine. All the elements of a menu with mouthwatering pictures, detailed descriptions are in it along with interesting reads. The European based menu has perfectly crafted pies, tarts, pizzas, pastas and burgers. Have a perfect scone with homemade clotted cream or try their special tricolor chicken tikka, in three flavors — green coriander based, yellow saffron and a red tomato tikka that complement the juicy and tender meat.

Popular dish: Roulade of chicken and mushroom: Roulade, dish of filled rolled meat or pastry, consisting of chicken with mushroom and baked potatoes, covered in mushroom sauce.

Location: Levels restaurant complex, Mahboula. Call 2239 9322.

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