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Soar high with Kuwait's first Skydiving center
January 16, 2018, 12:38 pm

Kuwaiti fans of free skydiving who have experienced the sport elsewhere in the world can now enjoy it at home. The dream has finally come true with the opening of the Kuwait Skydive and Fly center in Al-Khiran, the first specialized one in the country. The center was eventually opened following nine years of tireless work, and excitement is brewing among the staff and skydivers, both amateur and professional. 

The idea emerged in 2009, and the project went through the normal channels of the official and control bodies until it came into existence and was opened on 9 December, 2017.

The center offers skydiving training courses for young people in cooperation with the Public Authority for Sport (PAS) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), as well as other relevant bodies. It is attracting many young people of different ages to practice the sport.

Ibrahim Al-Rubaian, who founded and spearheaded the launch of the Kuwait Skydive and Fly initiative, said, "Skydive and Fly is the first Kuwaiti initiative for free skydiving, and is classified under supporting small and medium size enterprises (SMEs),"

Since it was opened, little more than a month ago, the center has attracted many Kuwaiti and expat fans. In less than a month, eight amateur skydivers have completed a course and received licenses, he said. Skydive has brought together 20 highly-efficient trainers, with licenses from leading specialized international organizations, including the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Al-Rubaian referred to a future plan to qualify and employ Kuwaiti youth, so that caders of the center would be one day '100 percent Kuwaitis'. He referred to the challenges that faced them until the center became a reality.

They were the usual routine procedures that encounter any new project, namely official approvals, he said. All jumps at the center meet the highest standards of safety, federal-certified equipment are used, with a plane and gear checked by a third-party inspector monthly. Staff are required to get re-certified every 18 months, he stressed.

The cost of a tandem training jump costs KD 160 (USD 531), while a course to get a qualification and a license hits KD 1,000 (USD 3.200). Free skydive, for licensed visitors, only costs KD 9.5 (USD 31.5).

Al-Rubaian thanked PAS and the DGCA, and the sports for all department for their support to Skydive and Fly. " I began to practice the sport in 2011, when I was studying in the US, then in many other countries I visited," Jassim Al-Harbi, a fan told KUNA. Totally Al-Harbi has performed 1,200 jumps. He said that the sport also offers him the chance to exchange experience with other fans of the adventure.

Al-Harbi noted that Skydive and Fly saved money and time as one can now enjoy his favorite sport at home. Dr. Marwa Al-Balohsi has been into skydiving since 2010, when she was still a student in the USA. She said that it was not easy to continue the sport after she completed her studies and returned home. Sometimes, she flew to the UAE to enjoy skydiving. But now Skydive and Fly has made great change.

There are up to 100 volunteers, males and females, at the center. They are over 18, and meet the required conditions for skydiving especially health fitness. 

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