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Snipped your bangs too short?
May 23, 2013, 9:21 pm


It is nothing short of a disaster when your hairstylist or even yourself has ended up cutting your bangs too short. Most girls are can be horrified to look into the mirror or face people, till they grow out a bit. Here are a few tips to fix this hassle until they grow back.

- Apply a little hair gel or hair serum on the fringes and sweep it to the side of your hair.

-Take the strands of fringes and tad bit of long strands, twist it tight from the roots so that the short strands are hidden between the long strands, and secure it tightly with a tic-tac clip, either backwards or sidewards. Use stylish clips or macrame barrettes to take the attention away from any fly-overs.

-When in doubt, wear your hair-band. A metal, fabric or toothed headband could do the trick.

-Curl your hair, including the fringes to spread the attention on the entire hair

-Use a tic-tac clip to tightly secure the fringes to the side. Take a clump of hair from the crown area and sweep it over the pinned fringes.

-Minimise eye makeup and apply a bright coloured lipstick to draw the attention away from the hairline.

-Next time, when you snip your fringes at home, ensure to point cut it a few inches below the eyebrows.

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