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Sneakers and jean pairings
November 5, 2017, 2:18 pm

Denim and sneakers are considered wardrobe staples, but styling the two is a little more nuanced than some would imagine. Some pairings tend to look better than others — where kick-flare jeans and a classic pair of Adidas Superstars are a dream team, wide-legged and looser-fitting pants need a little more consideration. The denim and sneaker pairings ahead are gateway considerations to help you towards the right combination.

A boyfriend denim style with a casual sneaker style: Boyfriend jeans fall right in between a skinny jean and a fully relaxed fit. The fit is about as casual as it gets. That semi-level of structure pairs best with a classic and casual sneaker — think rounded toe caps, low-top, and laced-up.

Straight leg/boot-cut denim style with slip-on sneaker style:  A straight-cut jean typically gravitates towards a mule or a sandal, so when sticking with sneakers, a slip-on is an ideal replacement. It's a slim silhouette and lacks any bulk around the ankle, so you won't have to worry about any bunching around the hem.

Vintage fit denim style with vintage sporty sneaker style: The term ‘vintage fit jeans’ is about as vague as it gets. While the actual cut and hem vary across brands, you can usually expect a high-waist, a cropped, straight hem, and some sag behind the knee. There's something a bit classic and a bit throwback about them in appearance, so go with the flow and pick out a pair of ‘vintage’ sporty-vibe sneakers.

Mom jean denim style with classic high-top sneaker style:  Mom jeans are a staple in almost every millennial's (and their mother's) wardrobe. The short of this is that just about every sneaker looks good with this pant. But if you really need a direct pick, go for a classic high-top. Since a mom jean tends to be cropped or cuffed, it allows a high-top more visibility. Plus, it adds to the throwback vibe of the jeans.

Culottes denim style with the ‘it’ fashion shoe sneaker style:  The fashion pant deserves its proper counterpart. A wide-leg crop or culotte leaves a lot of open space to play. Since your sneakers can be front and center, this is the time to wear your most stand-out piece. You can play it safe with the industry starlet of choice, Vans, or go all out by highlighting a luxury athleisure pair.

Kick-flare denim style with platform sneaker style:   Come fall, we're accustomed to pairing a kick-flare with mid-ankle booties and calling it a day. To get a similar effect with sneakers, opt for a platform to give you a little lift and keep that elongated length.

Skinny denim style with athleisure trainer sneaker style:  This ubiquitous denim style is another that falls under the umbrella that at the end of the day, anything goes. But its skin-tight fit is reminiscent of leggings so it's unsurprising the athleisure trainer takes the cake here. Stick with slimmer silhouettes for a sleeker look

Wide-Leg denim style with classic low-top sneaker style:  Since a wide-leg pant usually covers most of your sneaker, go with the ultimate classic: a lace-up low-top. For a little extra character, ditch your white sneakers in favor of a solid-but-bold colorway.

Relaxed fit denim style with velcro sneaker style:  While a relaxed fit isn't boring by any means, it is more toned down than most. To appease its classic and minimalist vibe, a fun finish like velcro straps make for the perfect pairing.


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