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Smoothie bowl, a delicious new food trend
April 5, 2015, 12:05 pm

The latest trend on Instagram, smoothie in a bowl, that has taken the health food community by storm has got the smoothie fans opt for a change of receptacle; ditching the conventional smoothie bottle for a bowl. Fans claim they are subtly different.

According to nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Stripped McKel Hill, smoothie bowls are much thicker than their bottled counterparts. "They are made thicker by the addition of ice, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, protein powders or healthy fats," she explains.

As such, the bowls are eaten like soup as opposed to being slurped through a straw. And the added extras allow makers to get more creative with their smoothies, especially when it comes to pretty toppings.

"Smoothie bowls are healthy, incredibly nourishing, easy on digestion and delicious when made correctly, though depending on the amounts of 'extra' ingredients added to make the smoothie bowl thicker, it can be higher in calories than a typical smoothie," says McKel Hill.

"Also, although toppings are all the craze with smoothie bowls, it is quite easy to add heaps of calories by adding granola, dried fruit, shredded coconut and more. Be mindful about the serving of each topping and ingredient used in the smoothie bowl."

The bowls' rise in popularity can be partly attributed to their photogenic nature: artsy-style photos dominate the Instagram feeds of health food bloggers.

Though the bowls are mainly popular in America, the trend is slowly gaining momentum in Britain, with an increasing number health food restaurants and cafes selling their versions of smoothie bowls.

The Good Life Eatery in London sells an ‘acai granola bowl', which chef and co-founder Shirin Kouros describes as "the perfectly-balanced breakfast: nourishing, energising and packed full of anti-oxidants, healthy fats and other energising ingredients."

To create these creamy, cold and thick enough to eat with a spoon, yogurt parfait, which could be the next best thing to eating ice cream, and are very easy to make, here are two taste-buds-tantalizing recipes.

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