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Smarters’ show and tell competition at SIS
February 6, 2017, 9:35 am

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Smart Indian School (SIS) organized a 'Show and Tell' competition for the young talented kids of KG section on 12 January, 2017. This podium was a favourable opportunity for the smart kids to boast their talents and to handle their stage fear. The beginners bestowed their talents by seizing objects of their choice and imparting their ideas about that object.

The topic given for the Pre- KG was ‘any fruit’ and they brought models and cut outs of strawberry, grapes, apples and more. For the LKG kids they could choose any animal and they brought the models and cut outs of cow, frog, lion, rabbit  and others. and similarly for the UKG section the topic given was about any means of transport and they brought models of aeroplane, boat, car and others.

This was a good opportunity for them to stand confidently and to address the gathering. It helped to improve their public speaking skills. The assessment was based on the language fluency, confidence and presentation. This show in total had a wide enthusiasm from all the classes.

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