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Smart stove knob that checks gas leakage
February 13, 2017, 8:15 pm

Inirv React is a new gadget designed to help make your house safer by adding a smart home app to control your gas stove. The Inirv system kit, which recently appeared on funding portal Kickstarter, consists of a single sensor unit and four stove knob controls that together bring smart technology to the humble kitchen stove.

The sensor unit serves as a smoke and gas detector, along with serving as a main hub to connect to Wi-Fi. It pairs to the individual stove knobs via Bluetooth, allowing the entire system to be controlled from anywhere in the world through the sensor’s Wi-Fi connection, complete with real-time alerts if something goes wrong.

Each knob contains a motor, allowing the burners to be controlled through an app, as well as adding a nice LED light ring to determine the level of the flame. That motorized system allows for the burners to be remotely locked through the app (say, as a child-safety measure) or for the stove to automatically shut off if smoke or gas is detected in the kitchen.

The sensor also contains a motion detector — by default, the React will automatically shut itself off if the burners are on for more than 15 minutes in an empty kitchen. Both the sensor and the knob units have rechargeable batteries, are designed to attach to most stoves, and come in a variety of colors to better match your décor.

The Inirv React is available on Kickstarter for an early-bird price of $229, which includes the sensor and four knobs, with additional knobs (if you have a larger range, for instance) costing $60.

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