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Slimming essentials
May 8, 2016, 12:23 pm

There is an old rule of thumb that all womenknowand practice. Want to look slimmer? Dress in black. However, since wearing black all the time can be tiresome and most women prefer color, there are other ways to flatter your figure without tossing on the darkest items in your closet.

Here are some items to invest in if you are looking to appear slimmer. While you could totally purchase these items in black if you want to, you may want to try them in another color to brighten up your vibe.

Tailored blazer:  A tailored blazer that fits you flawlessly will naturally make you appear trimer—add a tie detail that cinches in your waist, and you will look slimmer.Practical and stylish, tailored blazers are great for giving a formal feel to a casual outfit and will provide more options for your wardrobe.

With a tailored blazer you can definitely sport a sharper and smarter look. Add a sleek blazer to a pair of skinny jeans and fringed boots or you can wear one over a pleated dress. You can even keep it extra casual by teaming a blazer with a pair of turned-up jeans, a stripy top and heels.

A trendy long waistcoat: A waistcoat creates clean lines that go up and down your body to help elongate your silhouette. A petite waistcoat in a dark color with a lighter-toned contrast on the trimmings will work wonders for your frame, adding instant minimization to your heavy figure where there normally wouldn’t be any. Also, awaistcoat in a bright colordraws your eye to the middle of the wearer’s frame, creating a slimming effect.

A midi dress: The idea of a midi dress that hits right above the ankle is a great choice, as the long silhouette will make you look taller. Midi dresses are the perfect ladylike addition to every wardrobe, helping you flatter the best part of your body when you choose a standout silhouette.

Cropped jacket: A cropped jacket is one of the simplest items you can toss on to look slimmer and flatter your figure. Why? A shorter jacket style hits right above the waist, which will make your legs look significantly longer.Moreover, a chic cropped jacket included in a sleek style draws the eye to the smallest parts of your figure with its figure-grazing middle, making your waist look small while the boxy cloth minimizes any heaviness in your upper torso. A well-fitted crop jacketcan be a great statement piece matched with blouses, trousers and skirts that contribute to the streamline garment. 

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