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Slider Station
March 20, 2016, 10:06 am

The ultimate fusion offering by Gastronomica, the same company that brought us Burger Boutique, Slider Station can accommodate approximately 35 customers on the first floor and 20 on the second with an additional outdoor section. The exterior blends with the surroundings, playing on the modern Kuwait style, while the inside remains totally different with everything custom-made. While Slider Station takes on the food concept of Burger Boutique, it plays on the concept of the American Gas station. The menu is a veritable treasure trove of tastes. You have the option of keeping it classic, or getting experimental. And the beauty of it is that the portions allow sampling something from each section of the menu. Slider Station has no chefs, each staff member is specialized in a station, so basically there are six people in the kitchen working on one sandwich, which guarantees perfection every time.

Popular: Slider Station Cheese Burger: Freshly grilled beef patty topped with melted matured cheddar and a mountain of onion strings, accompanied by French fries.

Location: Gulf Road, opposite Seif Palace, Kuwait City. Call 22465047      

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