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Skype’s new mobile design arrives on the desktop for Windows testers
August 28, 2017, 10:47 am

Microsoft is testing out its new Skype mobile interface in a desktop preview of the company’s communication app. The new radical Skype mobile design debuted back in June, and the reception has not been very positive. Despite that, Microsoft wants to try out a new design on the desktop side.

The new Skype Preview is designed to take advantage of the larger screen space on a desktop PC, and Microsoft has tweaked group chats to make it easier to share photos or screen sharing during calls. There is even the new @ mentions, message reactions, and a notification panel to check for mentions and reactions in conversations. If you are looking for shared links, documents, or photos in a conversation then Microsoft has also added a gallery to make those easier to locate.

If you are using the Skype Preview app on Windows desktops (not the new Store app) then these changes will start showing up today, or you can download the test app. Microsoft does not appear to be testing these new changes for its Skype Windows 10 Store app just yet. For everyone else, Microsoft will start rolling this out more broadly in the coming months once feedback is complete and the preview is finished.

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