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SkinVision — an App to check skin cancer
August 30, 2015, 10:57 am

A digital health startup, SkinVision, is using smartphone tech and vision algorithms to allow consumers to track changes to moles that develop on their skin. Users of the app, which has been downloaded more than 200,000 times since its launch back in 2011, take a photo of a mole and the app then performs a visual analysis, with the aim of identifying suspicious growths such as melanoma.

“The algorithm, which is based on fractal geometry, looks at seven different criteria and will be further improved based on the continuous growth in our database, which currently exceeds one million pictures,” explains Dick Uyttewaal, CEO of SkinVision. “A mole that changes in color, size, symmetry and other parameters is a clear sign that something is wrong and that the person should visit a doctor immediately,” he adds.

Saying that the app is as good as the “average eye of a dermatologist”, Uyttewaal notes that it is also the only such skin cancer detector app to have obtained CE certification in Europe. While some free usage is possible, a subscription payment model is SkinVision’s primary monetization channel at this point.

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