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Skin care tips
January 14, 2018, 2:55 pm

This year, with a few expert-approved and incredibly easy habits, you can get a healthy, glowing and eventually– clear– complexion.

Apply sunscreen properly : Doctors and other skin pros have told us time and time again that sunscreen is necessary and important, but are you applying it correctly?  Sunscreen can be applied before makeup or even as makeup. Powder sunscreens have become a new favorite. To keep steps to a minimum, try a foundation or moisturizer with sunscreen already built into the formula.

Dare to go makeup-free: Whether you prefer tons of makeup or an au naturale face, it’s a treat for your skin to go sans makeup at least one day a week. After all, the key to flawless makeup is amazing skin as your foundation. To feel most confident going bare, invest in products that reduce the appearance of pores.  A powerhouse combo for reducing pore size is using retinol every other night to reduce irritation and a charcoal make once a week.

Add adventure to your routine: From facials to chemical peels and everything in between, there are tons of beautifying treatments out there. If there’s one you’ve been dying to try, add some adventure to your skincare routine and try one. Not into daring treatments? A pampering facial will do the trick. In addition to using topical treatments, getting a hydrating facial every few months will bring out the glow and soften skin.

Narrow your focus:  There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing new products that don’t work for you. It seems like there’s a new product launch promising to brighten, tighten and lift everywhere we look. Try to avoid the hype in skincare ads, it’s best to stick with a few solid products that you know work.

If you’re not sure where to start, try starting with brands that you know agree with your skin type. Or if you prefer a more professional opinion, make an appointment to talk with a local dermatologist in your area.

Stick to a routine:  Once you’ve found the products and begin a new routine, the most important part is to stick to it. It’s important to be consistent when taking care of your complexion. Most dermatologists recommend adopting a day routine and a night routine for best results. Also, remember it typically takes 3-8 weeks to see proper results, so hold on for the ride and don’t give up.



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