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Six ways to upgrade your hair bun this summer
May 29, 2016, 11:22 am
The bubble hair bun

Hair buns are every woman’s favorite hairstyle. They are quick, easy and attractive to look at. If you are having a bad hair day and have no idea how to pull off a bun, then read on and try out these quick and easy styles

The bubble hair bun: To get this hair bun, instead of twirling your hair up into a bun as it is commonly done, you have to put your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Once done, take the bottom of the ponytail and tuck it in under the elastic band securing it with bobby pins.

The upside down braided hair bun:

Although this hairstyle may look a little difficult, it is not. All you need is a little practice in avoiding hair tangles. To get this bun, flip all of your hair to the front, and add some serum to make your hair easy to deal with. Then take a section of your hair from the back of your head, then divide it into three other sections. Start braiding this section just like the usual braid, and work your way up until you reach the top of your head. Finally, using an elastic band, gather all your hair into a pony tail, and then make a bun.

The half-up top knot hair bun:

This hairstyle is quite famous and easy. Just split your hair into two sections, top and bottom, and leave the bottom section down. As for the top section, twirl it into a top knot, and there you have it, half-up top knot hairstyle.

The messy hair bun:

If you constantly suffer from bad hair days, then you must perfect this trick. Start by making a ponytail, right in the middle of your head. Take one strand of your ponytail at a time, and twirl it to shape a hair bun and fix with a bobby pins. Take the next hair strand, and do as you previously did until you finish all your hair strands. You now have a perfect messy bun.

The low hair bun:

This hair bun is for women who are romantic and gentle. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Create an opening in your hair, right above the elastic band, then tuck in your pony tail. Keep passing your hair inside the elastic band, and then fix it with bobby pins.

Side Hair Buns:

Playful yet stylish, the side bun (loose, messy or voluminous) is increasingly becoming popular over the traditional stiff updo hairstyle. First partition your hair on the side, making sure a part of the forehead remains covered in case you change your mind. Use some bobby pins and secure the hair up like you do in a normal bun.

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