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Six Senses Spa holds Wellness Workshop with Cesar Tejedor
January 5, 2016, 4:34 pm

Six Senses Spa at the Symphony Style Hotel conducted a wellness workshop on 5 January,  on the topic of ‘Integrative Medicine: How to take care of your Health’, with physical therapist and best- selling author in the field of Spa and Wellness,Cesar Tejedor.

An expert in integrative medicine, a physical therapist, spa trainer and consultant, Mr. Tejedor is best known as the creator of Vibrahealing, the therapy that uses vibrations to de-stress and balance the body.

The therapist, who has for the last 15 years been traveling and exploring traditional medicines and massage with the aim of implementing ancient wisdom into modern lifestyles, will be in Kuwait at the Six Senses Spa from 5 January to 31January. To book an appointment, send an email to

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