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Sinematika finalizes date for entries, marks screening day
November 28, 2015, 5:07 pm

Sinematika, an independent group, finalized the date of submission of final entries to the first Filipino Short Film Festival on Thursday morning after a general meeting held among organizers. The final date of submission of entries is scheduled on the 21 January 2016 and the screening time of all entries on the 29 of the same month.

In a brief interview with the organizers of the event, they disclosed that interested participants requested for extension as many are in the process of filming and editing their projects and that relevant changes needed to be made on actors and plots of their stories. “The extension to give the chance and opportunity for the actors to better their acting prowess on camera and editors to properly deliver their projects before the judges,” said Hernie Gernale, head of the panel of judges and technical Director.

Currently Sinematika has received five entries, all of which belong to the camera category. The films have been reviewed and watched by the organizers and have received commendable reviews. “One of the films is of different Genre 'animation' and such project cannot be included in any category as real actors and situations are applied, however, the board of directors and organizers have agreed to give a special citation on the projects as unique piece,” added Gernale.

In interviews with some of the participants as to what was the most challenging situations encountered during the whole process of filming to editing, many claimed to have difficulty in editing as it requires individuals with knowledge of editing without having to reshoot scenes. “Finding actors is not difficult or getting them to act on camera is natural for many Filipinos but the after you gather the raw clips then the editing part, many producers find themselves stuck and had to source out programs or individuals who have knowledge and experience,” said Jonas Cabrera.

The venue for the screening of the entries is yet to be announced and the organizers plan to supplement the project with a workshop on film editing and directing by a renowned film director. More plans are currently in the pipeline to boost and complement the project and developments will be announced later this year.

For further details on the competition, kindly refer to its Facebook wall: Sinematika or call the following organizers: 66091908 / 66387642 / 65020905.

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