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Signs your makeup is not working
October 15, 2017, 4:37 pm

Is it really okay that you have held on to the same lipstick for years for those rare occasions you need a bright orange lip? What is wrong with keeping a blusher forever because nostalgia? The thing is over time; your makeup begins to not match or doesn't fit your skin type. Your skin and lifestyle has changed, and it's important to remember that what worked for you when you were 16 doesn't necessarily work when you are 30.

Here are signs that prove it is time to reassess the contents of your makeup bag.

Your foundation doesn't match: There's nothing worse than applying your foundation and noticing that it leaves a dark line at your jawline or that it is too light and makes your skin seem ashy. Fear of a foundation line causes some women to forgo foundation altogether, as it's the ultimate makeup faux pas. When you see it happen, you should take the time to find a better match. A better product will make your complexion look perfect, and all of your other makeup will look best on skin that resembles skin.

Your mascara flakes: It's so easy to just keep swiping on whatever mascara you have handy. Some women consistently use old mascara or a formula that is familiar but flakes and smudges. The effects are horrific and are the first thing people notice when they see a smudged black eye area. Do yourself the courtesy of finding something that accentuates your lashes and doesn't make you look a crazy cat lady.

Your concealer doesn't help:  The under-eye concealer that seemed to work in your 20s won't help you in your 30s or 40s. Life takes a toll, you get less sleep, and you are stressed-out, and suddenly, you find that your under-eye area betrays you. Also, as fine lines start to develop, a dryer concealer that once worked will suddenly make you look like you have aged beyond your years.

If you apply your concealer in the morning and your dark circles are still visible, then this is a clue that you need a new product.

Your eyeliner smudges: When you are young and carefree, you apply eyeliner in the morning and it magically is still there the next morning. As you age, this magic staying power goes away. Longer days, coupled with adult life that could include exhaustion, allergies, and general wear and tear, equals eyes that water and are prone to smudging.

Secondly, women often choose one shade that they think works for them and never make a change. This is a mistake. If you have been wearing your signature purple or teal eyeliner for years, try to move outside of your comfort zone and try a more neutral color. Same goes for those brown eyeliner users; branch out and try a plum or slate.


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