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Shop at Build-A-Bear Workshop for Eid
July 8, 2014, 10:25 am

 Build-A-Bear Workshop is your one spot where your child can fully enjoy every step for building his or her own bear. The designs are modern and fun, and are dazzling with the range of accesories available.  Your child can celebrate their new best friend in style.  For Eid, let your child create and celebrate! This July, Build-A-Bear Workshop brings back the My Little Pony collection.

Your children will love nothing more than to meet their own special pony friend and  personalize them with clothing and accessories to make the perfect gift. The famous characters your child can bring to life with a personalized touch are:

1.       Rainbow

2.       Pinkie Pie 

3.       Princess Twilight Sparkle 

4.       Rarity

5.       Apple Jack 

6.       Trixie

All of them are priced at KD 9.6, and are colourful and so very huggable. A friendly, lovable Pony for Eid is a perfect gift for your creative children no matter their age.


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