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Shooting at LA airport: gunman shot by police, say media
November 2, 2013, 8:29 am
Departing passengers wait for hours behind police tape before being allowed to enter the airport, after a shooting incident at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) November 1, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. A lone gunman pulled out an assault rifle in Terminal 3 of the airport and shot his way through security, killing one Transportation Security Administration (TSA) worker and wounding several others. (Inside) Shooting suspect Paul Anthony Ciancia.

Authorities were responding to a shooting incident with multiple injuries at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, and California media reported that a gunman with a high-powered rifle was shot by law enforcement.

The airport said on social media that there was "an incident underway at LAX." A local CBS affiliate reported that a gunman had been shot and secured by law enforcement, and that some passengers were being evacuated from a terminal.

"About 9.30am this morning, there were some shots fired on or near Terminal 3, obviously some people were injured, two possibly three .. and we may have a suspect in custody," LAPD spokesman Gus Villanueva told KTLA television.

"My understanding is that LAX PD are searching the immediate area to ensure that there are no other suspects," he said.

Passenger Robert Perez told the CBS affiliate that airport security agents had come through the terminal shouting that a man had a gun.
"I heard popping and everybody dropped to the ground," Perez said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department described the situation as a "multi-patient incident," and said it was assisting law enforcement at the scene, according to its website.

Television images on cable network CNN showed at least one person being loaded into one of several ambulances at the scene, and passengers were seen being evacuated from the area.

Footage showed emergency responders setting up what appeared to be a triage area outside an airport terminal, and outgoing flights were halted.

"The general public is being held back... Other than arriving flights, flight operations have been temporary held," airport spokeswoman Katherine Alvarado said in an emailed statement.

Airport police and airport officials would not offer any additional information.

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