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Shoes and leather leggings combos
October 15, 2017, 4:29 pm

When it comes to figuring out how to style leather leggings, the trickiest part is always figuring out what shoes look best when paired with the sleek trend.

This is a fashion conundrum, as there is quite the difference of opinions. Some stylish women say to never wear heels with leather leggings, while others vowed completely the opposite. This goes to show just how many different approaches you can take when figuring out how to style leather leggings. Here are some tips to shoes that would never work with the style, plus the ones they are doable.

Avoid cowboy boots with leather leggings:  Never wear cowboy boots with leather leggings, brown and black leather is a tricky combination, and the casual shoes with a more streamlined pant style just don't really fit. Instead, opt for cool combat boots with a modern edge.

Don’t mix leather with leather:  Avoid wearing leather leggings with patent leather shoes, as the look would appear too busy and excessive. Non-athletic sneakers are stylish, versatile and comfortable all at the same time, and they make leather leggings look cooler and more wearable. Also, don’t even bother mixing leather boots with leather leggings—especially an over-the-knee style. They would just look too gauche. Go the classy route with bright but sleek slingbacks.

Short ankle boots are a no:  When it comes to leather pants, ankle boots work best. You can even contrast a sleek pair of black leggings by styling them with suede ankle boots. The chunky heel will be comfortable, and the height will help lengthen your leg.

However, short ankle boots create a weird gap between the shoes and the pants so stay away from those. Also, wearing heels and leggings, including leather ones, are just too much for a classy look. The skin-tight pants with the going-out shoes add more much edge than required.  Hence, when picking your shoes, your best option is a classic, sleek black ankle boots with a nice pointed shape that elongates the line of leg.

Flats are wrong:  While a heeled sandal feels fancy enough to wear with sleek leather pants, a casual flip-flop or lace-up flat sandal feels out of place paired with this cool staple. Espadrilles with leather leggings are included in the shoes to avoid. Rather, heeled sandals add major wow-factor to any sleek leggings.

Worse with wedges:  Wedges are too clunky to pair with leather leggings. Opt for a style a bit more feminine like pointy-toe pumps. The best part of the style is you can play up the sultriness of leather leggings with a pair of print shoes while introducing an element of sophistication.


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