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Shito-Ryu School of Karate organizes belt upgradation test
March 10, 2018, 4:38 pm

Shito-Ryu School of Karate recently organized their quarterly belt upradation test on 9 March at the Kuwait Karate Federation Club which saw attendance of over 300 students from 10 dojos, karate masters and family members. The test was held under the supervision of Shito-Ryu School Chief Sensei Prem Kumar and judged by Sensei Sulthan.

The highlights of the event were Kata performances and fight sequences performed by students of all rankings, from white to black belts. Having received a 6th Dan Black Belt from the World Karate Federation (WKF), Mr. Kumar is a certified WKF Referee ‘A’ and a certified Judge ‘A’ in Kata and Kumite under WKF and Asian Karate Federation. He has officiated several World Karate Championships and Asian Karate Championships.

Speaking about the school, Sensei Prem said: “Just as a student’s school syllabus changes with time, so does the grade in Karate. Students learn certain blocking, striking and kicking techniques, which they then perform at the test. On passing, they are awarded a new belt along with the responsibility to learn new skills. It is only when the student reaches the level of black belt that we can proudly say his/her journey has truly begun.”

Clarifying that karate katas and fight sequences are gaining popularity around the world, Mr. Kumar said, “The International Olympic Committee will be including karate as a competition in the 2020 Olympic Games. Meanwhile, in Kuwait, karate is a well-recognized and widely participated sport involving both citizens and expatriates. Kuwaiti athletes have made their country proud at various regional and international karate competitions, including winning gold, silver and bronze medals at the 16th Asian Games held in China in 2010."

“Shito-Ryu School of Karate has branches in Salmiya, Abuhalifa, Mehboula, Khaitan, Abbasiya, Reggai, Mangaf, Farwaniya and Fahaheel,” said the veteran karate master speaking about his school. He continued, “At these centres, experienced teachers under my supervision impart training to over 800 students ranging in age from 5 years to 50 years and above. I am proud to say that there are more than two dozen Black Belt holders in our schools and the enthusiasm for the sport keeps increasing by the day.”

To register at any of the above dojos: Contact Mr. Prem at 66879670.



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