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Sheep that help make maps
September 20, 2016, 5:42 pm

It started with tourism advocate Durita Dahl Andreassen asking Google to come over to the Faroe Islands where she lived to help map the area. The self-governing Faroe Islands, which is part of Denmark, is a rugged archipelago in the North Atlantic that had yet to be mapped by Google Street View.

In a blog post addressed to Google, Andreassen explained how she had spent the last few months using sheep equipped with 360-degree cameras to capture images of the Faroe Islands "My sheep are great for capturing the tracks and trails of the Faroe Islands," wrote Andreassen, who works for the Faroe Islands' tourism board, "but in order to cover the big sweeping Faroese roads and the whole of the breathtaking landscape, we need Google to come and map them."

Andreassen's homespun-version of Google Street View — which she dubbed "Sheep View" — made its rounds on the internet in July. Now Google has answered her call. Last week, Google Maps sent a team to the Faroe Islands, bringing 360-degree cameras and a Street View Trekker — a 20kg backpack equipped with 15 cameras — along with them. The equipment is on loan to Andreassen and the Faroe Islanders, and residents and tourists can now borrow cameras from the Islands' tourism office to document the rest of the Faroe Islands for the world to see.

“The Faroe Islands have shown us that even sheep can contribute to Street View," wrote Google Maps in a blog post, going on to explain how anyone can apply to borrow one of its 360-degree cameras through the Street View camera loan program.


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