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Sharp decline in cybercrimes seen
January 15, 2019, 3:39 pm

A local daily quoting informed sources revealed that there has been a remarkable decrease in the rate of cybercrimes investigated by the Prosecution in 2018, with the figure dropping to about 50 percent in comparison with figures from 2017.

Statistics highlight that the Media Prosecutor pursued investigations in 1,250 cases out of 1500 received by the Prosecution.

According to the local daily, the decline in cybercrimes is due to the application of the provisions of the law as well as the spread of legal awareness among individuals. In addition to the media attention given to the seriousness of the crimes, and the convictions handed out to people for committing such crimes over the past years.

There has also been a decline in violations committed by newspapers and satellite channels following about 250 complaints registered against certain print and television media for violation of author rights and the breaking of the law of electronic transactions.

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